This is the listing for acceptable arms, armor, and clothing for Legio II Adiutrix apf and other formations. It will be revised and added to as time progresses.

Legio II Adiutrix Pia Fidelis
Imperial Gallic 'C', 'F', 'G', 'H', and 'I', both Mainz and Aquincum patterns.  Imperial Italic 'B', 'C', and 'D'. Coolus 'C', 'D', 'E', 'G', especially the latter two. These helmets are all currently acceptable for use with Legio II Adiutrix and its associated Auxiliaries, Cohors I Nerviorum subject to the notes below.

Deepeeka of India is currently is the largest maker of commercially available helmets. Daniyal Steelcrafts is making an increasing number of very nice reproductions as well.  From Deepeeka look at the serial number; you're looking for an 'N' at the end of it, this denotes a newly redone helmet to more accurate specifications. If there is no 'N', steer clear of the helmet excepting the Aquincum which is pretty accurate already. Note that those with large heads might consider the Imperial Gallic 'F' as it is said to be larger in fit.

The following helms are not acceptable for any reason:
    #6053 Imperial Gallic H, #6307 Imperial Gallic C, #6054 Imperial Italic D, #6063 Montefortino B, and #6056 Imperial Italic G.  The older versions of Gallic C, G, and H, and Italic G are all too deep at the back due to the addition of an incorrect extra ridge, and the angle of the neckguard is often wrong.  The old version of Gallic G, #6052, is also unacceptable and still in production, so be sure to specify 6052N. Look for the 'N' on all of the helmets to be certain the helmet is acceptable.

    The "Special Command" helmets are simply their Gallic G and H with different crests, unfortunately Deepeeka's crests are not good.
    Also, #3801 Trooper, #3815 Imp. Italic Centurian, #3816 Imp. Italic Guard, and the entire "Royal" line are all junk, and should be avoided at all costs.  Similarly, none of the helmets from Windlass Steelcrafts/Museum Replicas are usable.

    Armor: Corbridge type 'A', 'B', or 'C'. Lorica Hamata with or without shoulder doublings. For Centurions, Lorica Hamata or Lorica Squamata.
Matt Lukes in Canada does some seriously excellent custom work here as well. Contact him at panzerknacker AT shaw DOT ca. SOTW carries Deepeeka armor and Imperium Ancient Armory carries both Depeeka and Daniyal.

    Weapons: Mainz or Pompeii style Gladius, pilum, rectangular or curved rectangular scuta, pugio. Mark Morrow makes excellent weaponry at very reasonable cost and SOTW has weaponry too, as does Imperium Ancient Armory. Check with the Legionaries Handbook on the Legio XX site for acceptable weapons.

    Clothing: Standard roman tunic in white wool or linen for troops and officers, red wool or linen for centurions, caligae or calceus style footwear, balteus, focale and feminalia ventralis in blue linen, sagum or paenula of blue wool or linen, pants of red-brown leather, wool, or linen. For how-to articles on much of this, visit the site of Legio XX.

    Equipment: Furca, loculus, net bag, kit bag, canteen, patera, dolabra,  and other gear. Much of this may be obtained from La Wren's Nest, or SOTW and instructions on making some it can be found on Legio XX's site as well as Florentius'.


    Clothing:  Wool, silk, or linen clothing of appropriate type to the period being portrayed. Tunics, civilian shoes, dresses, togas, etc.

White wool or linen tunic, caligae or calceus footwear, and belt, either fabric or leather with buckle.