Legio II Apf
Scadian Aspect

The legion portrayed in the SCA is effectively the same legion portrayed in our re-enactment efforts with the exception that certain gear is modified or duplicated in form to meet SCA Heavy Combat saftey requirements. It is effectively the only area in which the portrayal of the legion changes as non-combat activities are held to the same standards as they would be outside the SCA.

The other aspect that varies is that within the SCA we call the entire setup Lunae Draconis, or a Household, which makes it a lot easier to explain all the non-combatant persona in our camps.

Members must still abide by the Charter and Bylaws of the Legion. In addition to those requirements the following items are added/modified;

The helm must be at least 14 gauge in thickness, preferably 12 gauge on the skull dome. SCA says 16 is legal but the Legion requires better. The helm must have the regulation grill for the face and be able to pass inspection for combat. Crests on these helms must be mounted in such a way that they may be knocked over or off when struck to avoid jerking the head about in battle.

SCA rules call for protection of the elbow joints and we accomplish this by use of manica or bazubands. A manica is recommended for the sword arm while a bazuband with added metatarsal protection is acceptably for the offhand. They shall be able to pass safety inspections. If the gladius has no basket hilt, (preferred), then the manica pieces must cover the hand in a way that is acceptable and safe according to SCA rules. We find 16 gauge steel acceptable, as well as leather of appropriate thickness and hardness.

SCA rules require protection for the knee joint as well, throughout its range of motion. To accomplish this without articulate legs we use feminalis laminata...laminated leg armor with a knee cop. Pants will be made in such a way as to hide the armor from view without riding up in action. This armor will be made to pass armor safety inspections. We recommend 14 gauge for the cop and 16 gauge steel for the lames, though leather of appropriate thickness and hardness is acceptable and easier on the pants than steel.

The gorget to protect the neck is required and can be, will be, hidden by use of the focale or scarf.

Scuta used for the SCA shall be at least half an inch thick with channel on the edges which is to be covered with leather. The boss must be at least 16 gauge, but 14 is recommended. The design is identical otherwise.

Gladii will be of rattan or siloflex construction with a low profile thrusting tip. Basket hilts are acceptable but not encouraged. Preferred is a simulation of the hilts of a gladius worked in wood and manica made to protect the hand. A trigger is to be added to the hilt to satisfy the safety concern over flying weapons.

Pila will be made to conform to heavy javelin thrown weapon rules. Covered with appropriate colored duct tape to simulate real pila where possible. Each Legionary must have two and be authorized in their use.

The SCA says that the arch and instep of the foot must be covered with leather. Members will either wear closed form military boots or add leather inserts to their caligae to satisfy this requirement.

Padding will meet minimum SCA requirements, and since a subarmalis is required this should suffice for the torso. Padding will be added to the knees and elbows as necessary and the helms will be made to accomodate minimum SCA padding.

Tunics will be as standard...white for the troops, red for centurions, and white with appropriate rank clavii for officers. Pants will be made to conceal required leg armor. If a subarmalis doesn't have kidney and short rib padding, then the waist scarf may be made to supply this to standard. Waist and neck scarves are blue, preferably ultramarine or cobalt.

Balistarii must meet all the same requirements and in addition must ensure their siege engines are dialed down to operate within SCA limitations.

Auxilliaries have the same requirements as legionaries in meeting SCA standards.

The tents we use, the items within the encampment, and all the other details remain unchanged.