Domina Marca Rutilia Severa
(aka Bera Gunnarsdottir and Talon the Black)

      Welcome to my home in the SCA. I am known as Bera officially, although I have other names as well. I currently live in the Sundered Lands, a small area which is part of the Barony of Bergental in the Kingdom of the East.
   While in another Barony called Western Seas, part of the Kingdom of CAID I was awarded arms (prior to this they were a device, the which I submitted and was approved while I was in the East);
Bera's arms

'Per pale sable and argent, a lion rampant counterchanged, on a chief gules, two chrysanthemum flowers in profile or.'
      For those to whom such things matter, I have an AoA and am a member of the Order of the Fountain and the Sable Bear in Bergental. I've am apprenticed to Baroness Bergental, Maitresse Elwynne Rowenna of Wentworth. I've been fighting for 30+ years. I've been a Canton Seneschal, Baronial Deputy and then Seneschal, Avant Courier, and Knight Marshal amongst other things. I am currently a Marshal at Large, so a sort of officer once again.

    My Lady, Jannat Raushana Rumiya, has her AoA and was inducted into the Order of the Wa'a's Oar, the service award for the Barony of the Western Seas where she was Chatelaine for a couple of years, reigned as Baroness for six months (its a Palatine Barony), and since coming to Bergental has begun to work on scribal arts. She is also a bellydancer of long experience. She authorized heavy list in '97 and is preparing to reauthorize shortly. We met at the Society's Silver Anniversary event in Burnett, Texas, in '91.

    Hmmm. I've been a lot of places. Amongst them Atlantia, Caid; Shire of Isles and Barony of Western Seas, Eastrealm, Ansteorra, and others. Of them, I most loved Caid.

    I was a member of the company 'Havoc' in the Royal Caidan Army. I am, or was, a Sergeant of Arms in V Brigade, Royal Army of Caid; I attended the Treasure Chest War, now called the West-Caid War, and Estrella VII. At Estrella VIII I was designated the most valiant warrior of V Brigade by the Brigade Commander.
    At Pennsic XXII I fought with the Ealdormere Royal Guard under Prince Kildare as well as alongside King John II of Caid and had the Baroness of Septentria tear a strip from her surcote and give it to me for a favor for my actions in the Field Battle. As I recall, our battle cry that day was 'Hawaii!', since myself and my Man at Arms were from Western Seas at the time.
    Pennsic XXIV found me alongside the Prince of Ealdormere again, and alongside the now departed King Osis of the Middle.
    At Pennsic XXVI I fought alongside Duke Sir Timothy of the East.
    At Defenders of Amaral I, I had the honor of being one of the nine individual warriors who attacked the castle over and over again. At Defenders of Amaral II I managed to break into the courtyard from the right gate.
    As can be seen, I much prefer war to tournaments as a rule.

    I do lots of different things connected with the SCA, among them sewing, leatherworking, armoring, and harping. I own four harps and love to play them, though I lean more towards the storytelling format rather than purely musical.

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