Derwyn Carreg Llyn
akstone Grove
     While Druidhome is my home in the temporal world, this is my Nemeton wherein I practice my Druidry. For me, Druidry is both a magical and philosophical path. I am currently an Ovate with the OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids), a Druid Adept, and Archdruid of the East with the AODA (Ancient Order of Druids in America), and an Independent Druid in my own right. I'm a duly consecrated Druid Archpriestess..a Bishop in the Universal Gnostic Fellowship.

    I am pagan, Brigantia is one of my patron deities, though there's a whole pantheon of deities with Her. As always I pay close attention to the Ancestors and the spirit in all things. I've been a pagan for over 35 years now, and for me it has been a very good fit indeed.

    I am active in both the pagan and general community and I vote and pay my taxes like anyone else. I have become a 'Temple Priestess', owing first service to a few specfic deities, serving the Gods if you like. In so doing I also serve the community, which is part of what we do for certain. I do honor my ancestors and the lands they hailed from, but as I live here and now my Druidry is practiced with the current Tribes and the current land in mind. Since my family has been here since 1628 and have served in every battle fought here and by the country at large, I feel quite firmly rooted; tied by blood and life to the land itself.
    Here I will post, now and then, thoughts and notions of mine, maybe a bit of poetry or a chant or two, for those who are interested. More information can be had from my LJ page where I keep some track of what I am doing, sort of.

"Three gains of those who heed the advice of the Old Ones: illumination, wisdom, clarity."

"The world of Spirit contains all possibilities, the world of Form contains those possibilities made manifest."

"Three tasks of a Druid; to live fully in the present, to honor traditions and the ancestors, to hear the voice of tomorrow."

"Three followers of Wisdom; Imagination, Purpose, Endeavor."

Dreamer's Song