Temple of Aset
A contemplatory & reclusiam for Warriors


While this is a Temple of Aset and Her many facets, it is also other things as well. Her worships covered, and still covers, many lands and cultures and while this place and my particular service to Her are mostly Kemetic in nature, others have different preferences and needs. Since this place serves, or will serve, a wide variety of people seeking a wide variety of things the seeker will find elements of Roman-British and Greek cultures as well as others.  I am a Druid Adept and Archpriestess of the AODA and a duly consecrated Archbishop of the UGF and I serve the Gods, and through that service, at times, people too. This means my first devotion is to Themselves.  I am also an Ovate in the OBOD and a polytheist besides.

This temple is both a reclusiam for contemplation and a training place for Warriors; not just anyone fits or is welcome here. As I develop this place I'll add things like incense recipes, Temple garments, cosmetics and perfumes related to it all, rituals and prayers, and of course commentaries and observations of the Warrior Path. I am a long service former Marine and a student of Martial Arts although in the realm of gongfu I am a neophyte; not so much in other things.

This Temple will one day exist in brick and mortar format, so to speak, but for now it exists here on the 'net and in the Astral. All things in their time. In any case, this is a modern day Temple and has therefore taken inspiration from many sources, some of which may not have been available in Kemet; to my mind this is as it should be.

The Four Rites of this Temple:
    The Rite of Awakening
    The Nooning Rite
    The Evening Rite
    The Rite of Night, or Rite of Midnight.

For the Rite of Awakening, frankincense is good. For the Nooning Rite, myrrh invigorates. For the Evening and Midnight Rites, kyphi is appropriate. Other blends and types for other purposes are used, naturally, but these are the ones used for the Four Rites of this Temple. Others may do things differently, but I do it this way.