Greyhawk Journal

Today's Date: Sunday, 9 Patchwall - 597 CY ( Brightleaf 5059 O.C.. )

Weather Wizard's Outlook:
Clear, High 69, Low 48 Wind: 17

Celestial Information: Luna Waxing, Celene Waning
Astrological Information: Liga (Sun) in the 7th Lair, Lepusoris the Hare

Word & News

Ford Keep Rabid animals have been seen in the vicinity of the town lately. Citizens are advised to be aware of their surroundings more accutely than usual.

Greyhawk Domain - The seven stars of the constellation Lepusoris, the star Candens being a bright red and a lovely sight in the sky, is visible on clear nights at this time of year. Astrologers study these stars closely.


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