My Imperial Gallic 'I' Aquincum helmet. This is not the newer version, but I have added a carry handle to it and it isn't far off the original.

Another shot, showing the handle and the crest box mounted for a Centurion.


My  Furca, Loculus, Stuff Bag, Net Bag, and hobnail patterns.

Furca 2

Another angle including buttons and toggles for the
Paenula that is in the stuff bag here.
Furca 3

A little tighter on the Loculus and buttons. The Loculus here is made from
cow hide already dyed brown. The thread is waxed linen and hand sewn.
The rings for the shoulder strap were made by me from brass rod.


The Vexillum.
It is hand stenciled and hand sewn. The danglium straps and brass hangers made by me. Hardware from Clang Armory. The spear that supports it will be in a later picture.

Vexillum closeup

The completed Vexillum assembled.

Balteus Pugio Gladius

My Balteus, Pugio, and Gladius.

Crest box

The Crest Box Titus made at Legion Day. I'll finish it and get the horsehair into it. Despite thin evidence for decoration, and that for officers, this one will have dolphins painted on it.

Boot mold

The duct tape mold for my calcei before being cut away. I used stockinette under this one and plastic wrap under the one for my lady's shoes.

Legio Adiutrix Scutum
Under Construction


Legio II Adiutrix PF