Lunae Draconis

         This is my House; Lady Talon of Caerlleon, and that of my Lady, Saida Jannat Raushana Al-Rumiya. It is a house of Harpers, Hunters, Warriors, Dancers, and other such folk, a place of pageantry, peace, and of those whom the Gods hold dear. It is a house of those with nowhere else to go. A refuge for those who need it, for a time. We currently reside in the Sundered Lands, Vale of Anduin, Barony of Bergental, Kingdom of the East.

    Our Residence: Caerlleon.

"" Per chevron embattled sable and argent, two crescents or and a dragon passant gules."  This is the original design. It is registered with the College of Heralds, but the one below is the one we use.
    Additional Badges: Argent, a draco in annulus or and a crescent of the first. This is the one we use.
    Motto: Paces et armorum vigiles. Nemo me impune lacessit.

    Order of Battle: Legio Comitatensis Secundae Draconis.

    Song: 'How Many Of Them Can We Make Die?'

    Battlecry: 'Honestas ante Ambitionem!'

    This Household has a long history, though I won't go into the full story here. In its current incarnation it has existed since September 1992, or AS XXVI. It has visited many places amongst them the Palatine Barony of the Western Seas, the Shire of Isles, the Barony of Settmour Swamp, and now the Barony of Bergental. Its warriors have fought in many engagements and alongside some shining allies; Treasure Chest War, Estrella War, Pennsic War, TFYC, Warbands, Defenders of Amaral, amongst others. Its warriors are honorary members of the Ealdormere Royal Guard for services rendered and have been honored by the Kings of CAID, Atenveldt, Aethelmearc and the Midrealm for various things at various times.    
Armorial & Ordinary