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    This is my home in the LARP community (the Realms particularly) wherein I am a Knight Protector (or Knight of the Olde Code) and a Duchess to boot. The latter isn't as important or impressive as the former, for a lot of reasons. Here will be placed a history of my character, Dame Trista Dragonsbane, also known as 'Sulë Tindûmiel' or 'Duskwind', and her adventures on the edge of the Known Realms.
    The font at the top won't show if you don't have it. It's the Tengwar Sindarin alphabet. Its 'Raumalondë' in the Tengwar writing. It means 'Stormhaven' in common. If you can't tell by now, I'm very much a Tolkien fan, have been since around 1970.
    Raumalondë is my Duchy, province, land, whatever you prefer to call it. Since I live more or less beyond the western borders of the Realms map, I felt quite free to carve a small niche for myself and mine.

    Trista is a Ranger Knight and one of the first Wardens of the Order, one of the two founding members in fact. The other is her close friend Dame Gil of Fairhaven. Both were original Knights of the Realms, but have since founded the newer Order as the old fell into decline. The new has the same tenets as the original Knights of the Realms had and fixes some of the problems that became evident in the old order. Or tries to at any rate.

    Trista started out as just another warrior for hire back in the days before the Prince. Things got so bad, what with mages running about and wrecking everything in general, that she in fact became what was known as a 'Witchhunter', one who hunts down users of magic and kills them. She was very good at this. The years rolled past without much change until one day a notice was found nailed to a tree. It proclaimed a tournament of great size, called the 'Duke of Glendale', since the winner would be named Duke of the area. Prince Robert II was sponsoring the tournament in an effort to find good warriors. Trista's unit, the Blacksun Legion, did well taking prizes for best appearance, best flag, and the Field Battle amongst other things. This event marked the beginning of the Days of the Prince wherein the various petty states became united under a single High King and the Prince Regent.