Or, on a sun in splendor sable,
a fanged skull argent.

Or, a wyvern displayed sable; on a chief gules,
two chrysanthemum flowers in profile or.
Raumalonde Arms

Sable, within an arch of six pointed stars a fir
and on a chief argent, 'Stormhavenë' sable

    The above are the arms of the Blacksun Legion, Wyrdwood, and Stormhaven. The Blacksun Legion was and is the primary fighting force of Wyrdwood, which itself was once a Duchy but is now a Barony within the Duchy of Stormhaven. When those changes occured, the Blacksun Legion carried over as an elite fighting force of the Duchy, veterans of the first sacking of Rathclewyn and the unification wars of Valehaven in Glendale.

    The Duchy of Stormhaven lies on the western edge of the Known Realms in the valley of Anduin in an area referred to as Dolenórës; the Sundered Lands. The primary town of the Duchy is known as Tindúminas; the Twilight Tower. It was originally just a tower but as so often happens, a town grew up around it. Included in the lands of the Duchy is the Barony of Wyrdwood, Trista's ancestral home; a poor minor Barony right on the Wildlands. When she was made a duchess of the prince's court she spent little time in the Barony and, as is the way of such things, it slowly deteriorated. Trista built herself a keep which became the town of Tindúminas and the center of her 'duchy'. Needing to keep disruptive incursions to a minimum she hired adventurers to clear the lands about of dangerous creatures and in the process, herself cleared the lands of Wyrdwood.

    Trista is the Baroness of Wyrdwood, Duchess of the Court of Valehaven, former Grandmistress of the Knights of the Realms, and current Warden of the Knights of the Olde Code. Her lands are not sweeping and are located in a dangerous area few want much to do with; but it is her home. Her arms are depicted below:

Trista Arms

'Per pale sable and argent, a lion rampant counterchanged. On a chief gules, two chrysanthemum flowers in profile or and an augmentation of the arms of Valehaven.'

    Only the original Knights of the Realms, also made Knights of Valehaven bear the augmentation to their arms. The practice was discontinued, effectively forbidden after the disappearance of the royal family.