Crossroads Tavern
Menu and Price List

All prices in Greyhawk standard coin: p = platinum plate, o = gold orb, n = silver noble, c = copper common



Apple, 1c
Blueberry, 2c
Grape, 1c
Lemonade, 1c
Orange, 1c
Tomato, 1c
Cider, 2c


Cow, 3c
Goat, 2c
Sheep, 2c

Other Drinks

Cocoa, 3c
Coffee, 3c
Baklunish Coffee, 1n
Tea, 2c
Honeyed Tea, 3c

Ales & Stouts

Perrenland Pale Ale, 5n
Coltens Stout, 3n
Ahlissan Mild Ale, 2n
Rookroost Bitter, 2n
Blackmoor Brown Ale, 3n
Dyvers common Ale, 1n
RelAstran double Ale, 3n
Ull Blackbrew, 2n
Lortmil Dwur Ale, 4n
Gnarley Stout, 3n
House Ale, 2n
Old One Eye, 2n
Shadowale, 2n
Buzzard's Roost, 2n
Siani's Nut Brown Ale, 2n

Ales, Special

Golden Sands Brew, 5n
Xerich's Wicked Brew, 5n
Fire Ale, 5n


Rhizian blonde beer, 4c
Susliatian, 5c
Redbarrel, 5c
BarGolem's Brew, 5c
Hommlet Wheat beer, 3c
Eye of the Hawk, 1n
Orc's Breath Beer, 1n
Black Dragon Lager, 1n
BarGolem's Best, 1n
Trollslayer, 1n


House Mead, 5n
Caramelized Mead, 5n
Rhizian mead, 2n
Flannae Double Honey Mead, 6n

Mead, Special Brews

Crystal Mead, 15n
Barley Mead, 15n
Merrydown Berry Mead, 20n


Table, local, 5n
Keoish Golden, 15n
Yeomanry Cider, 15n
Urnst White, 1o
Celene Emerald (very rare),2p
Celene Ruby, 2o
Celene Sapphire, 2o
Furyondian Emerald Pale, 4o
Feywine, 5o
Spiced Wine, 5n
Dandelion, 15n
Sundish Lilac, 25n
Crystal T'Lichts, 1o
Black Oak Merlot, 2o
Kaorph, 4o
Velunian Fire Amber, 5o
Elverquisst, 5o
Dolcetto d'Alba, 5o
Keoish Golden, 15c
Sundish Lilac,  4n
Urnst White,  5n
Furyondian Pale Emerald, 1o
Palish Red, 2o
Highvale Isinon, 3o
Jalpa Red, 3o
Hobniz Evelerry, 5o


Local Brandy, 5n
Sherry, 5n
Greenway Valley (gnomish), 5sp
Keoish Brown brandy 1o.
Keoish Green brandy 5o
Keoish Blue brandy 9 go
Ameretto, 1o
Urnst Special Aged, 3o
Firebrandy, 3o


Dullstrand rum, 2o
Asperdi rum, 2o
Nyrondian Malt, 5o
Velunan blue usk (from Usk fruit ), 7o
Ulek Elixir half-gill, 5o
Barron's Green Whiskey, 5o
Slaadi Rum, 5o
Wild Dragon, 5o


Today's Special

Served with roll, salad or soup, and choice of Vegetable

Starday - Rabbit cooked in red wine withbutter, 2n
Sunday - Cooked beans, mild or hot-spiced, 2n
Moonday - Lamb & Lentils stew, 2n
Godsday - Pork chops or ribs, 2n
Waterday - Bacon, raw to crisped, thick-sliced, 2n
Earthday - Goat in red wine, 2n
Freeday - Pheasant steamed with wine, 2n

Soup and Broths

Cabbage soup, 1n
Mutton and barley brot, 18c
Beef and carrot broth, 3n
Pea and bean soup, 1n
Chicken and turnip broth, 28c
Mussel and oyster soup, 6n

Hot Pots

Liver and giblet stew, 1n
Kidney and dumplings, 2n
Baked eels and lampreys, 3n
Chicken and pidgeon pie, 4n
Poached monkfish and dates, 6n
Reesa's Five Alarm Chili, 6n

Spit-roasted Meats

Capon and black sauce, 4n
Pork loin and apple sauce, 5n
Ox tongue and herb sauce, 6n
Leonese duck and chawdron sauce, 9n
Salmon and mustard cream, 12n
Goose and fruit sauce, 8n
Black swan and brandy sauce, 24n
Auroch, 1p

Other Plates

Cooked beans, mild or hot-spiced, 3n
Cold Meats served with lettuce or endive, 4n
Eels in white sauce, 3n
Goat in red wine, 1o
Herring, pan fried, 4n
Hot Sausage and Sauce, 5n
Arkana's Wings, spicy, BBQ or mild, 4n
Melted Cheese, 1n
Pheasant steamed with wine, 5n
Pork chops or ribs, 1o
Circe's Pork Pie, hot-spiced or mild, 1n
Quail, 4n
Rabbit cooked in red wine with butter, 4n
Roast Ox cooked with onions or leeks, 1o
Steak and Kidney Pie, 1n
Tripes cooked in onions in wine gravy, 3n
Venison marinated in Red wine and spices, 2o
Haunted Meatloaf, 3n
Baklunish Platter (dates, olives, nuts) 3n


Kiffle sweetcake, 3c
Fruits dumplings, 3c each
Apple tarts, 5c each
Lemon bars, 5c each
Apple cobbler, 5c
Gingerbread cookies, 2c each
Bannoks and honey, 8c each
Plum duff and custard, 1n bowl
Rose petal pudding, 2n bowl
Gooseberry pie, 10 inch, 4n
Pears and honey wine, 6n bowl
Elderflower cheese pie, 10 inch, 12n
Strawberry bowl with cream, 5c
Reesa's chocolate chip cookies, 1n
Rice Pudding, 2c
Adele's Gooey Brownies, 3c
Siani's Sherbet, 1o per bottle


Stable Loft


Banquet Level Rooms

Sapphire Room, 3o
Emerald Room, 5o
Ruby Room, 7o
Diamond Room, 9o

Banquet Hall

Hall, 20o per hour

Guest Level Rooms

Undereaves, 2c per person
Commons, 1n per person
Single, 2n
Single with window view, 3n
Double, 5n per person
Wedding Suite, 10o
Royal Suite, 20o