Interactive Story ROle Playing

Welcome to ISRP...a rather varied place for roleplayers to free form game with people from around the world. I am Siani, aka Magi Siani, ISRP Lead along with my cohort Magi Gabriel. Formerly working for WotC we have kept ISRP alive with the help of other former WizOs and many patrons. Currently it is hosted at EnWorld using Flashchat as opposed to iChat.

Though ISRP includes rooms for d20 Modern, Planescape, Forgotten Realms, and Greyhawk, these pages deal with the aspect I handle most closely.....Greyhawk. I am the Setting Coordinator for the Greyhawk Setting...home of the Crossroads Tavern of infamous repute. Inside of this subsection of my website will be found the Journal, Calendar,  the General Code of Conduct and Tavern Setting Rules, and in time some maps and other things. Enjoy your visit, and come see us on EnWorld.

Greyhawk Calendar
Greyhawk Journal
General Code of Conduct
Tavern Setting Rules