Saida Siani al'Isfahani bint Zenobia al'Kofeh

    __She is a tall woman with a curvy figure and the fluid motion of a dancer. Dark, silver-streaked auburn hair frames her oval face, tumbling to her hips in pearl and gem laced waves, kept from her face by a coin scarf tied about her head. Almond-shaped eyes of piercing green are rimmed with khol, the brows precisely shaped and the lashes thick and long, and bracketed by tiny crow's feet. Her high cheekbones are lightly blushed over her sun-bronzed complexion, her nose slightly curved and pierced by a gold ring. Full lips bracketed by laugh lines and lightly painted with russet are set with a slight quirk and her slender neck is circled by a choker from which depends an aventurine pendant. Her hands are slender with long fingers, their nails neatly kept and painted russet. Mehndi patterns her hands, right shoulder, and arm and she bears the three dots and rays of her tribe beneath her lower lip and chin, and the three dots arranged around the corner of each eye. Centered high on her forehead is a tiny crescent moon in gold and between her breasts is a tiny gold spindle.
__A golden chain is worn over her scarf from which is hung a veil of rich silk that obscures but does not completey hide her features. Gold hoops with pearls and tiny bells flash at her ears and various bangles and bracelets decorate her wrists. A jewelled chain runs from her nose ring to her left earring, flashing slightly with each movement. Many rings flash on her fingers, though two stand out amongst the rest; one a golden band of a snake eating its tail, the other a large diamond of unusual cut.
__Long shapely legs are flaunted by split seam silk pantaloons clasped at hip, knee, and ankle, with belled chains around the ankles. Persian slippers of silk cover her feet and she wears a loose, open front silk under a sleeveless short vest of brocaded silk. A burnoose with jeweled buttons is sometimes worn over all.
__About her hips is a sash over which is worn a belt of golden discs, cases, and coins linked with fine chains which provides a place for her elegant shamshir, jambiya and a pouch. She carries a tassled and beaded haversack with a small rolled carpet and a large scroll case.

__Siani was born in Ekbir in 546 CY, in the month of Reaping on the  3rd Moonday just at sunrise. She grew up in the harim of the Caliph, being taught to dance, the art of swordplay, and the great art of magic. When it was found she was favored by Geniekind, she was given education in subjects not commonly available to the women of the harim. In mid adolescence she became bored of the life in the harim and engineered an escape....after which she took up with a crew of Corsairs, proving her worth with magic and intelligence. For some years she continued the life of the corsair before tiring of that and disappearing inland. Many years were spent adventuring in the company of various people, amongst them Thanriyon Arkhelt.
__In 592 she appeared in a Tavern named the Crossroads. She took a job as waitress and barmaid after which she soon became manager and finally in 595, owner of said tavern.  At first living off her adventuring profits, she slowly built up the old tavern and added a few more in different cities, as well a few brothels. With a steadier income, she started a merchant coster called the Tradewinds which has grown into a respectable company with business dealings as far west as Keoland and as far east as Nyrond. Unable to resist the lure of the sea, she purchased a xebec and set about building herself a trading fleet as well.
__Now well established as a businesswoman of varied interests, she spends a great deal of time with the fleet she owns and has had her flagship the 'Black Princess' refurbished several times.  It is said she has little need for money and that she goes to sea purely for pleasure, though some say she's up to darker work and the word 'pirate' is sometimes heard in quiet conversations. She has on occasion admitted to being a privateer for the Free City, but none have ever seen her letter of marque. She is said to wield exceptionally powerful magic, but few have ever actually seen anything beyond the commonplace, and those who are rumored to know more aren't speaking.
__It is known that she is aquainted with various high profile people and groups in the Flanaess. Just what her relationship with them is remains unclear and she herself won't speak to the matter.

__She has been away for a very long time, but she will not speak of it in detail, only alluding to how dangerous Bakluni Courts can be. She has returned to her tavern recently and is trying to locate her lover, Fatora.

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